Making History: Recent Acquisitions to the Permanent Collection

Exhibition dates:

Making History: Recent Acquisitions to the Permanent Collection features objects that have been acquired by Fuller Craft Museum since December 2020. Twenty artworks are included in the exhibition, representing a range of materials, techniques, subjects, and artistic innovations. Ceramic sculptures, basketry forms, hand-stitched textiles, blown glass objects and more illustrate the technical and expressive accomplishments of today’s craft artists.

Several of the works explore themes of identity and belonging, while others investigate social justice themes of racism, inequity, and political strife. Additional critical global issues being addressed include COVID-19 and the fragile balance between humans and the natural world. Many of the featured artists honor the traditions of craft, illustrating creative excellence that results from accumulated knowledge of their chosen medium, exceptional material intelligence, and highly developed handskills.

Fuller Craft Museum thanks the artists and donors whose generosity supports the ongoing growth of the permanent collection. Further appreciation is extended to Collections Committee members for lending their talents, expertise, and fellowship to ensure a robust and evolving collection. (Current Exhibitions Featured Image: Angela Mellor, Unfurled Light, 2018)

Jackie Abrams
Natalia Arbelaez
Paul S. Briggs
David Clarke
Tom Eckert
Sergei Isupov
Rena Koopman
Sarah Lindley
Anina Major
Angela Mellor
Kadri Pärnamets
Lois Russell
Randy Shull
Raven Skyriver
Michael C. Thorpe
Joseph Wheelwright
J. Fred Woell
Soonran Youn
Boston Area Mask Initiative Volunteers
Stephanie Cave Gather Here Staff


In conjunction with Paul S. Briggs’ piece, Momma’s Sayings (Harryette Mullen)