Masks and face coverings are no longer required for visitors and staff at Fuller Craft Museum.

Artists Featured in Our Museum Shop

Our Museum Shop features a number of artists, from local makers to world renowned masters well known in the craft world. Often we will sell items in our shop to reflect what’s happening in the galleries or in our permanent collection (see highlighted artists below).

A Thread of Hope
Adelene Ellenberg
Adriana De Castro Jewelry
African Authentics
Alicia Monks
American Craft
Amy Marks
Amy Shinerock
Ania Gilmore
Ann Brauer
Anne Davey
Artists for Humanity
Atomic earrings
Barbie Levy Jewelry Design
Beth Williams
Block Party
Bobbi Bailin
Boris Bally
Boston Wool Works
Caitlyn Marsh
Carlyn Ring
Carol Darling
Carter Smith
Cecilia Kremer
Chris Gustin
Christina Defalco
Clever Endeavor
Cynthia Germain
Daniel Bellow
Dave Bowen
Deb Richardson
Deb Samuels
Deb Samuels
Donna Polier
Dorothy Krause
Ed Bray
Elise Moran
Elizabeth Adlung
Elizabeth Cohen
Elizabeth Hyder
Fiamma Art Glass
Firestone Clay
Frederick Popper
Gateway Arts
Guillermo Cuellar
Harshita Designs
Helene Dicarlo
Hilary Kassler
Hiroshi Minato
Jane Steinberg
Janet McKinstry
Jill O’Reilly
Joan Carcia
Joan of Cards
John Adams
Jon B. Keenan
Jonathan’s Spoons
Josh Simpson
Josh Simpson Studio
Joyce Roessler
Judy Bergman Hochberg
Judy Deame
Judy McColgan
Julia Blackbourn
June Vernon
Justice Pottery
Karen Hohler
Karleen Karas
Katherine Rudolph
Kathy Zola
Keith Lewis Studio
Kent Stetson
Kevin Mulligan
Kimberly Zane
Kurt Meyer
Kurt Meyer Fine Woodworking
Laura Foster Nicholson
Laurel Rogers
Laurie Landerholm
Lee Johnson
Leona Johnson
Linda Huey
Lisa Houck
Lisa Monahan
Lynn Latta
Maloof Foundation
Mar Co. Jewelry
Maria Prus
Marie Davis
Marlene Mayerson
Marsha Alibrandi
Maxine Sorokin
Merry Corky White
Michelle Trammel
Nanci Jaye
Nancy Tucker
Origin Jewelry
Palo Coleman
Paul Angiolillo
Paula DeSimone
Phyllis Flora
Prospect Hill Forge
Reme Gold
Richard McHugh
Robert Beazley
Robin Ascher
Roll Studios Jon and Nancy
Ron Mello
Sally Cragin
Sandra Golbert
Sandra Solomon
Sandy Askin
Sara Shahak
Sarah Alessandro
Sarah Caruso
Sarah Jane Lapp
Schupak Art
Shelly Weinstein
Sheryl Amaral
Shirley Bent
Sol Mate Socks
Stan Elfbaum
Stephanie Osser
Stephanie Roberts-Camello
Steven Murphy
Steven Wiseman
Susan Stokinger
Susie Silver
Suzanne Watzman
Tanya Crane
Terry Evans
The Picklepot
Thomas Durand
Tommy Simpson
Tre Olive
Tsuga Studios
Tuff Kookooshka
Wayne Fuerst
Winding River
Yvette Chamberland
Zia Gipson

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