Community, Stone, and Barstow galleries are currently closed due to installation. Fuller Craft Museum requires all staff and visitors to wear masks indoors.

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Virtual Workshops and Classes

In support of our mission to inspire, stimulate, and enrich an ever-expanding community, Fuller Craft Museum offers a variety of educational classes and workshops both online and in-person providing opportunities for individuals of all ages to acquire knowledge about craft through hands-on instruction.

Youth classes are designed for learners ages 6 – 13 (please check individual class descriptions to select a class best aligns with your child’s age and developmental level). Our goal is to provide high quality art education that encourage young artist to explore materials and express themselves creatively.

Adults & Teens
We offer a variety of educational workshops to everyone from beginners looking to learn a new skill, to those exploring more advanced techniques, taught by a diverse group of professional teaching artists who will guide students through a variety of media and processes. Teens (ages 13+) are welcome to learn alongside adult students in many of our workshops and classes (please check individual class descriptions for exact age requirements).

Youth Workshops:
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Adult Workshops:



Past Workshops:

September 4 and 11 // Millinery Basics: Covered Buckram

April 28  – June 16 // Sculpture Using Paper Clay with Jerry Bennet

April 17 – May 22 // Making a Magazine: Handmade Zines

March 15 – April 19 // Knitting for Beginners

March 13 and April 10 // Bookmaking for Beginners with Amelia D’Onofrio

FullerCraft @Home April Vacation

March 21 // Intro to Embroidery

March 6 – 20 // Wire Hats and Headpieces: Millinery Techniques

February 6, February 27, and March 20 // Dreams to Action

February 3 – March 24 //  Handbuilding with Paper Clay

January 30 // Bookmaking for Beginners

January 30 – February 13 // Making Miniature Food in Polymer Clay

January 18 – February 22 // The Infinite Well (sold out)

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