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SOLD OUT! The Box Truck Film Official Premiere

July 14, 2022
FREE Box Truck Tours from 1pm-5pm at Fuller Craft Museum


‘Screening of the documentary, The Box Truck Film: Building A Reuseful Home, at Fuller Craft Museum. The majority of the documentary was filmed locally and includes numerous scenes at Fuller Craft, so we felt it only fitting to debut the screening at this critically acclaimed locale. In addition, the filmmakers will be leading a Q&A Session, along with showcasing their gallery of reuse apparel and reclaimed art.’ – via Alex Eaves and Deek Diedrickson.



Does building a home using almost nothing but reused, repurposed, and dumpster-dived materials sound daunting? Well, that’s exactly what one particular duo set upon doing. “The Box Truck Film: Building a Reuseful Home” is the latest project from reuse edutainer Alex Eaves and former HGTV host and designer Derek “Deek” Diedricksen. These two DIY forces have come together with director Jason Kimball to create a documentary that focuses on the transformation of a box truck into not only a mobile reuse education center, but also an effective and attractive full time living space. The reuse and tiny house movements continue to grow every year and this film provides a clear and entertaining means for people of all ages to see the practical benefits of reusing to reduce waste in their own lives. “By doing so, we can help our planet, our community, and even our personal and financial well-being.”

Showcasing both their joys and frustrations, the film delivers the entire process of the box truck metamorphosis; from its initial design phase to Alex’s three years of living and traveling through the U.S. Throughout this largely self-documented journey of converting a 17-foot moving truck into a 98-square foot tiny house, you will witness the endless benefits of and approaches to the reuse lifestyle, which are often implemented in very creative (and even comical) ways. In their virtual “triumph over junk,” Alex and Deek were able to reuse for every step of the construction process; from the truck and building materials to the decorations and mere screws. Ultimately, “The Box Truck Film” stands as a mission to prove that almost everything we need to thrive in our daily lives already exists in abundance.

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