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Sculpture Using Paper Clay with Jerry Bennett
Apr 28 – Jun 16

The intent of this course is to develop a personal vision of hand-building techniques for creating sculptural forms, with an emphasis on 3-Dimentional design principals. This class is intended for students with some prior experience with clay. Demonstrations will focus on small sculptural forms which illustrate the topics and elements of design being discussed during class. This class will use a wide variety of material techniques including paper clay, decorating techniques including underglaze techniques, textures, colored slips, and glaze applications. This class will provide the specific instruction from the instructor for advancing your work to a higher level. Each student will work independently.

Many of the rules that govern regular clay do not apply to paper clay. Paper clay, or as many people call it fiber clay, is the process in ceramics where artists add cellulose fibers to plastic clay. These fibers burn out after the first firing leaving only the clay remaining. Adding these fibers makes the clay easier to work with. Jerry Bennett a leading international paper clay artist will conduct a hands-on Zoom training which will provide an opportunity for students to explore and experience new approaches to sculptural forms using paper clay.

Join Jerry Bennett, as he guides you through how to make paper clay and bonding slips for hand-built forms. In this eight-week workshop, expand your understanding of this unique material by adding various fibers to the clay to make sculptural forms. Gain valuable insight as Jerry shares practical, problem-solving advice related to your studio work (i.e. how to fix broken work, and prevent cracks).

Required Materials: Students may use any clay that they wish for the class. But, instruction will be based on the use of cone 6 porcelain. We recommend you purchase cone 6 porcelain such as Standard 365 or Laguna 550. Bring to the workshop hand building tools + small pair of scissors and a clean canvas to work on. Participants in the workshop will receive handouts that will provide valuable information about paper clay, glaze formulas, supplier information. Video training will be offered free to students taking the class through Teachable.com on how to make paper clay.

8 Weeks, 2-hour live Zoom sessions

Wednesdays: April 28 – June 16, 2021 / 1:00pm – 3:00pm (EST)
Level: Previous experience required. Students must have access to home/private studio
Student Age Group: Adult
Class size: Minimum 4 / Maximum 10
Fees: Members $300 / Nonmembers $325

THIS IS AN ONLINE CLASS. A Zoom link will be delivered to you upon confirmation of registration. You must have Zoom installed on your computer or device to attend this workshop.

Please note, confirmation emails with detailed information may sometimes end up in your junk mail or spam folder.

About the instructor: Jerry is a key figure in the exploding field of paper clay. His work is in many galleries and museums throughout the world. Bennett was a resident artist at the Philadelphia Clay Studio for five years. He received his MFA from Indiana University at Bloomington Indiana. Bennett has given workshops and lectures at over fifty colleges, schools, and art centers throughout the United States. In 2005, he was a guest at the first International Paper Clay Symposium in Kecskemet, Hungary. In 2012 he was the leader of the Second International Paper Symposium in Kecskemet, Hungary. He is currently an active studio artist in Philadelphia, teaching locally, and running the Two Rivers Studio. For additional information please visit www.jerrybennett.net.


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