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Group Workshops

Hands-on Group Workshops | Adult & Youth

  • Minimum 10 / Maximum 25 per workshop
  • $20/person
  • Tuesdays Between 10:00am – 3:00pm
    • Saturdays by appointment only

We are pleased to offer groups of 10 or more the opportunity to enhance their experience with hands-on artmaking workshops in our studios. Led by teaching artists, Fuller Craft is proud to offer workshops using quality craft materials in a variety of media. Perfect for Scout Troops, school field trips, and learners of all ages! Workshops are suitable for all age levels and may be adjusted to fit your group’s needs. 90-minute workshop.

Select from the following options:

Wet Felting

  • Create colorful beads to be uses in jewelry or decor. Through a combination of moisture and agitation, raw wool fibers become entangled to form a solid piece of felt. Projects will be taken home the same day.


Clay Rattles

  • Musical instruments created out of earthenware clay that may be shaped into a variety of forms—clay rattles will be fired in our kiln and will be ready for pick-up in two weeks.

Paper making

  • Hand-papermaking workshop invites participants to use recycled papers and pulp as basis for creating original decorative paper. Projects will be taken home the same day.

For additional information or to register, contact Education Coordinator Sage Brousseau at sbrousseau@fullercraft.org or call 508.588.6000 x124



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