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Deek Diedricksen Tiny Play House Raffle


What would you do with a tiny play house? Purchase a raffle ticket today ($15) and enter to win your very own Tiny Play House. In the spirit of play and in collaboration with HGTV host Deek Deidricksen, Fuller Craft Museum presents a chance to win your very own tiny play house. The playhouse will be on view for the duration of Diedricksen's installation FORTitude and our upcoming Playtime in the Making exhibition. The raffle drawing will take place on Friday, August 24, 2018. Once you purchase your ticket online, you will not receive a physical ticket, but a ticket in your name will be submitted to our fishbowl for the official drawing. Our lucky winner will be able to take home their Tiny Play House at the end of the exhibition on September 16.

Designer and microbuilder Deek Diedricksen makes tiny masterpieces out of salvaged materials and sheer ingenuity. He returns to Fuller Craft Museum to hold another fantastic three-day building workshop. This time he will create FORTitude, a funky and inventive shelter-structure installation (part treehouse, part cabin) in Barstow gallery.

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