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Craft Chat with Gwendolyn Gavin September 17, 2:00 pm

Designer. Weaver. Fiber Maven. Gwendolyn Gavin practices fiber arts of all kinds, but mostly prefers to be at the loom. She has a long history in manufacturing and a special interest in the intersection of craft and industry. She will join us to discuss not only her upcoming embroidery class at Fuller Craft and the many uses of embroidery, but also weaving, the conflict of fast fashion, and her passion for increasing textile literacy. Come learn more about the chasm between knowledge of textile/apparel production and the growing awareness of problematic practices in mass production.

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Gwendolyn Gavin Bio
My journey into craft goes back to my early childhood, when I was introduced to cross stitch, rug hooking, pottery painting, and other crafts. However, my path to textiles really began with a sewing project when I was about nine or ten. Sewing and an obsession with fabric led me to study fashion design. I received an A.A. in Fashion Design and spent the next few years in apparel manufacturing. After a few years, I headed to England to study further and earned a B.A. in Textile Crafts, specializing in weaving. I eventually returned to manufacturing, but in 2014, I left that job to explore new opportunities and spent the next few years working at Fuller Craft. I recently finished an M.S. in Arts Administration and plan to use that with my diverse experience as a textile and craft advocate.

Artist Statement
Textiles have been a part of my life since childhood, and with a background in manufacturing, I am interested in the intersection of craft and industry, as well as the traditional and the modern. I mostly make products, as I find a great deal satisfaction in crafting something for a purpose.

I practice fiber arts of all kinds, but mostly prefer to be at a loom. I find inspiration in the process and the materials. A skein of yarn is a fascinating thing; it has its own personality and character, defined by its fiber, color and twist, and yet it still has so many possibilities. The same is true of fabric. I will spend hours examining weave structures. I love to play with the juxtaposition between structures, yarns, colors, and patterns.

I am passionate about textile literacy, increasing a knowledge of the skills and processes of textile and apparel production that have disappeared from our culture as a result of industrialization and globalization. We over-consume and under-appreciate most of these products. I teach to bridge the chasm between this lack knowledge and the growing awareness of problematic practices in mass production.

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