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Josh Simpson Planets


“Megaplanets are highly complex, multi-layered worlds, each with a unique arrangement of swirling oceans and continents perhaps spotted with volcanoes, weird flares or explosions, towering cliffs, and inexplicable structures that might house either whole civilizations or isolated bands of space-traveling pioneers. They usually also contain force fields, and multiple spaceships or satellites orbiting above. The larger the piece, the more I can fill it with intriguing detail. ”


As a kid I was fascinated by marbles and the way colors swirled and twisted inside them. I began making Planets for school children after seeing the photograph of Earth the Apollo Astronauts took on their return from the moon. We’ve all seen that photo: it made our expansive Earth seem like a precious little blue marble floating in the black void of space! In my glass Planets I try to capture that feeling, and imagine the countless ways other worlds might look, in other solar systems and galaxies.”

—Josh Simpson

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Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

1.75" Inhabited Planet, 2" Otherworld Planet, 3" Inhabited Planet, 3.5" Megaplanet, 4" Megaplanet, 5.5" Megaplanet

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