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Made in Massachusetts: Studio Furniture of the Bay State

Jul 31, 2013

October 12, 2013 – February 9, 2014
Made in Massachusetts Press Release

Steve Whittlesey, Moment, 2008. Blueberry, salvaged pine, cherry. Photo by Raoul.

Bart Niswonger, Ball Side Table, 2012. Ash, maple, cast urethane, paint. Photo by Bart Niswonger.

Eck Follen, Long Lounge, 1995. Welded 3/8 inch steel rods, patterned patina. Photo credit Dean Powell.

Charles-Crowley, Arc Back Chair. Photo-Dean-Powell

Wendy Stayman, Ebony End Tables, 2004. Black mother-of-pearl, silk. Photo by David Stansbury.

Robert March, High-back rocking chair, 1984. Cherry. Photograph by Alex Hochstrasser.

Richard Tannen, Library Steps, 1983. Cherry. Photograph by Alex Hochstrasser.

Tom Loeser, Folding chair, 1988. Maple, Baltic birch plywood, stainless steel, enamel paint. Photography by Alex Hochstrasser

Silas Kopf, Aquarium, 2011. Cherry, aspen crotch, granadillo, satinwood, marquetry of various woods, brass, mother of pearl, stone, aromatic cedar. Photo by Alex Hochstrasser.

Peter Dean, Tempietto Table, 1992. Indian rosewood, holly, ebony, sierra madrone burl veneer, purple heart, pearwood, inlaid woods, green pearl granite.

Jere Osgood, Desk, 1978. Teak, ash. Photograph by Alex Hochstrasser.

Jay Stanger, Arched and Animated, 1994. Dyed veneers, 1994 Dyed mixed woods, anodized aluminum. 47” x 26 1/2” x 25 1/2”. Photo credit Dean Powell.