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Get On Board! Meet the New Board of Directors at Fuller Craft

Fuller Craft Press Release: Get On Board! Meet the New Fuller Craft Museum Board of Directors

Meet Chris Rifkin, Art Collector and Board Member at Fuller Craft Museum

Exciting things are happening at Fuller Craft Museum. There’s a new strategic plan, new governance, new forward-thinking exhibitions, and—new leadership. The Board of Directors at Fuller Craft has grown into a dynamic team of business owners, educators, attorneys, and art collectors from the private, nonprofit, and public sectors.The new Board contains individuals with a wide range of talent and expertise—all committed to the Fuller Craft Museum mission.

Click here to go directly to the list of Board Member bios on our website.

Meet Patrick Costello, Board Chair, Fuller Craft Museum

Meet Kaveh Mojtabai, Founder and Publisher of Artscope Magazine—and Board Member at Fuller Craft Museum.

Meet Board Member Erika Kates

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