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Fuller Craft Museum Announces
New Executive Director, Erin McGough

Dec 22, 2021

The Board of Trustees of Fuller Craft Museum is thrilled to announce its new Executive Director, Erin McGough, effective January 3, 2022. As the Executive Director of Fuller Craft Museum, Erin will work with staff and the Board of Trustees to meet the goals of the current strategic plan—advance the field, expand the audience, engage the community, and sustain resources—as well as develop the next strategic plan to launch in 2023. In addition, Erin will be charged with increasing the Museum’s visibility, attendance, growth, and community impact, as well as developing the Board and overseeing the museum’s exhibitions, collections, and educational programs. Erin will play a key role in raising funds and increasing the donor base.

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Erin joins the team at Fuller Craft Museum from the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society where she has spent nearly the last decade, more specifically the last seven plus years, as the Executive Director, where she maintained multiple historical structures and buildings, museum collections and archives, and more than 150 acres of land. She brings more than 20 years of museum experience with her and a passion to cultivate authentic experiences and deepen audience engagement. With campaigns such as “Your Are Here” and “Find YOUR Place” her drive to collaborate with the community is noteworthy. She brings with her a B.A. in Art History, Criticism and Conservation, an M.A. in Art History, Criticism and Conservation: Museum Studies, and a Certificate of Professional Fundraising.