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Featured Object: Adrienne Sloane “The Unraveling”

image of Adrienne Sloane's "The UnRaveling" woven fiber American Flag with unraveling threads at the bottomCome see a new, provocative work on view at #fullercraft — The Unraveling by local fiber artist Adrienne Sloane. Sloane’s hand-knit flag partially obscures a copy of the U.S. Constitution printed on silk. The artist has begun to unravel the flag, leaving piles of loose yarn on the plinth underneath, partially revealing the historic document. Sloane will return periodically to further unravel the flag until May 20, 2018. The Unraveling echoes the craftivist spirit of two upcoming exhibitions at Fuller Craft Museum, Revolution in the Making: The Pussyhat Project opening January 21, and Threads of Resistance on display December 9. Please join us for the opening reception of both exhibitions on January 21 from 2:00 – 5:00 pm. #ProvocativeObjects #SafeSpaceforUnsafeIdeas

Stay tuned and see the flag being unraveled over the coming months. Click here to read our Freedom of Speech Commitment statement.

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