All visitors and staff of Fuller Craft Museum are required to wear masks in accordance with recent CDC recommendations and guidelines.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Melissa Stern: The Talking Cure

Upper Tarlow Gallery This multimedia exhibition by New York artist Melissa Stern combines the visual, literary, and performance arts and a spirited ...

Opens January 29, 2022

Amy Genser: Shifting

Atrium Gallery Connecticut artist Amy Genser works with paper and paint to explore her ongoing obsession with texture, pattern, and color. Using paper ...

Opens February 5, 2022

Marilyn Pappas: A Retrospective

Lower Tarlow Gallery Fuller Craft Museum is proud to present the first museum retrospective of Somerville textile artist Marilyn Pappas. The exhibition ...

Opens March 12, 2022

Interpreting Change: Weavers’ Guild of Boston – 1922 – 2022

Stone and Barstow Galleries Interpreting Change: Weavers' Guild of Boston - 1922-2022 is a juried exhibition produced as a collaborative effort between ...

Opens May 14, 2022

Out of Bounds: The Art of Croquet

Upper Tarlow Gallery Out of Bounds: The Art of Croquet is a striking exhibition of croquet mallets and balls made by 21 of the world’s leading wood ...

Opens June 4, 2022

Daniel Jocz: Permission Granted

Lower Tarlow Gallery The career of Massachusetts artist Daniel Jocz has been marked by shape-shifting and playful irreverence, resulting in an energetically ...

Opens September 17, 2022

Food Justice: Growing a Healthy Community Through Art

Stone and Barstow Galleries Food security is among the most basic of human needs, but contemporary issues prevent equitable access to food. Economic ...

Opens November 12, 2022

Joyce Scott: Messages

Tarlow Gallery Joyce Scott: Messages celebrates the renowned career of Joyce J. Scott, an acclaimed Baltimore artist who for over three decades ...

Opens June 24, 2023

Beau McCall: Buttons On!

Stone, Barstow, and Keith Galleries Buttons On! marks the first-ever retrospective for creative artist, Beau McCall. Enthusiastically ...

Opens April 20, 2024

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