Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Fuller Craft Museum is closed to the public. The online shop is closed. More information to come.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Cherry, maple, milk paint

Shelter, Place, Social, Distance: Contemporary Dialogues from the Permanent Collection

Since the initial outbreak in Wuhan, China, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption around the world, from economic uncertainty to national ...

Opens August 1, 2020

Turquoise Raku vessel

Makers and Mentors: The Art and Life of Snow Farm

This November, Fuller Craft Museum celebrates the numerous ways contemporary craft has been impacted through Snow Farm, the famed 50-acre craft school ...

Opens November 28, 2020

Particle & Wave: Paper Clay Illuminated

Particle & Wave: Paper Clay Illuminated is a groundbreaking exhibition featuring 45 artists from across the globe who are redefining the potential ...

Opens December 19, 2020

Maiolica on Earthenware

American Clay: Modern Potters, Old Time Pots

Coming to Fuller Craft Museum in January 2021, American Clay: Modern Potters, Old Time Pots explores the concept of “traditional” ceramics within a ...

Opens January 30, 2021

(detail) Reverse painting on clear acrylic, backed with foil

Michelle Samour: Borders and Boundaries

Borders and Boundaries is a series of works by Michelle Samour that appeals to the artist’s ancestral past as a means of further engaging in the politico-geographic ...

Opens February 13, 2021

Discarded clothing, meat hooks

Tamara Kostianovsky: Savage Legacy

In this mid-career survey, Latinx artist Tamara Kostianovsky presents an exhibition that closely examines the relationship between the landscape, the body, ...

Opens March 13, 2021

Another Crossing: Artists Revisit the Mayflower Voyage

Fuller Craft Museum presents Another Crossing: Artists Revisit the Mayflower Voyage, an exhibition recognizing the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower crossing ...

Opens July 3, 2021

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