Revolution in the Making: The Pussyhat Project

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Revolution in the Making: The Pussyhat Project tells the story of the Pussyhat, a handmade cap with cat-like ears that played a central role in the protest following the 2016 Presidential election. Thousands of marchers donned the pink hats to symbolize solidarity, fervent support for equality, and resistance to the policies of the new administration. The resulting collective effort yielded the largest example of social activism through craft – craftivism – in U.S. modern history. Fuller Craft Museum will feature the handmade hats along with the meaningful stories and bold spirit of those who knitted, crocheted, sewed, and marched.

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Press Release for Revolution in the Making: The Pussyhat Project

In order of apperance:

Assorted pussyhats. Photo credit: Sage Brousseau

A Sea of Pink, Photo credit: Brian Allen

Rainbow hat with pins maker by Kate Duffy Sim. Photo credit: Sage Brousseau