Exhibition: November 28, 2020 - July 4, 2021

Makers and Mentors: The Art and Life of Snow Farm—The New England Craft School

Exhibition dates: November 28, 2020 - July 4, 2021

Fuller Craft Museum celebrates the numerous ways contemporary craft has been impacted through Snow Farm, the famed 50-acre craft school in Williamsburg, Massachusetts. This invitational exhibition highlights the work of multiple generations of artists who have been part of the school; makers who have been an enormous influence on those in the classroom, workshop, and studio – as well as those whose careers have been pivotally-shaped by the institution. Along with the work of veteran, mid-career, and young artists, Makers and Mentors will also highlight the historical development of the school, providing museum visitors with valuable insight into how Snow Farm has, and continues to be, a pioneering force in the realm of studio craft.

Exhibiting Artists:

Fafnir Adamites
Rick Angus
Pat Bennett
Suna Bonometti
Matt Brown
Graham Deckers
Liliana Cirstea Glenn
Bob Green
Christine Kenneally
Beth Klingher
Linda Kaye-Moses
Sam Myers
Lois Russell
Alexandra Sheldon
Josh Simpson

In order of appearance: Lois Russell, Blub Blub, 2012 | Linda Kaye Moses, Arabesque Broccato, 2020. Photo Credit: Evan J.Soldinger | Sam Myers, Beauty, 2020. Photo Credit: Tony Rodriguez | Bob Green, Raku Vessel, 2019 | Alexandra Sheldon, Accidents Will Happen #1, 2019-2020


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