Haystack Components: Metal and Jewelry

Exhibition dates:

Tanya Crane, Canopica, 2014, Silver, nu gold, sea grass. Photo by Jim Escalante.

Co-curated by Claire Sanford and Ellen Wieske
Reception: Sunday, May 24, 2015, 2:00 – 5:00 pm

Haystack = an exceptional craft school
Components = parts of a larger whole

This exhibition is made up of people who have become connected to Haystack Mountain School of Crafts as teachers, teaching assistants, students, staff, or board members. What ties the group together is a love of the place and the transformation Haystack can engender. The work is as varied as Haystack’s programming, spanning meticulously hand-crafted work to CAD-designed innovative interpretations and even spectacles (glasses). The work also speaks to the incredible variety of materials that fall under the broad heading of “metals and jewelry”: precious and nonprecious metals, gems, wood, plastic, glass, fiber, and concrete. It’s about stretching boundaries, exchanging ideas, and preserving traditions. Every summer new classes are offered, new ideas shared, and connections made. These are the components that make up a whole, albeit an intangible whole that exists all around the country, if not the world. Participating artists: Boris Bally, Cappy Counard, Tanya Crane, Bob Ebendorf, Arline Fisch, Lissa Hunter, Nicole Jacquard, Tara Locklear, Jera Lodge, Kristina Logan, Marcia MacDonald, Tim McCreight, Ingrid Menken, Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, Jaydan Moore, Claire Sanford, Kristin Mitsu Shiga, Deb Stoner, Molly Vogel, Ellen Wieske, J. Fred Woell, Joe Wood, Stephen Yusko.