Felt: Fiber Transformed

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Felt is a practice older than both weaving and spinning, with numerous theories as to its origin. In felting, the simple and repetitive manipulation of strands of wool begins the process – whether through rolling and squeezing the wet matter, roving again and again, or jabbing time and again with barbed needles to interlock the strands. Simply put, the wool fibers are transformed. 
The artists in Felt: Fiber Transformed each begin with one of these basic methods to create the diverse contemporary works in this exhibition. Drawing on pieces selected to be featured for the in-print exhibition in Fiber Art Now – a publication of the Fiber Art Network – six contemporary artists offer an exciting look at work in the medium of felt today. This exhibition was curated by Noelle Foye, Director Emerita at the New Bedford Art Museum, as well as a freelance writer, arts consultant, and former Education Director at Fuller Craft Museum.

Artists in the exhibition include Eva Camacho-Sanchez, Lisa J. Hinrichs, Lee Johnson, Shelley Jones, Teasy Shiruo Sun, and Kiyoshi Mino.


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