Permanent Collection

Object Lessons: Selections from the Fuller Craft Museum Permanent Collection


Gary Knox Bennett, Chair 915, 2006, Douglas fir, enamaled wood.

This exhibition currently on view represents a portion of the Permanent Collection.

Our desire to gather, sort, and display objects is an ancient and complex human instinct, and one that continues to influence our relationship with the things that surround us. We rely on physical items for comfort, entertainment, creative pursuits, and survival. Objects can also serve to spark conversations, illuminate global cultures, and expose individual ways of being. These infinite material possibilities inspire visual artists to tell their stories through the creation of objects.

As a cultural institution, it is Fuller Craft Museum’s responsibility to collect and preserve artworks and artifacts as signposts of our time. In Object Lessons, Fuller Craft Museum presents contemporary conversations from our permanent collection that delve into the meaningful relationship between maker, material, and object. Divided into five categories—ceramics, metal, wood, fiber, and glass—the works presented here showcase aesthetic, technical, and narrative progressions of craft from traditional to avant-garde, in both functional and nonfunctional forms.

As you behold the artworks on display in the gallery, consider the clues—how they are made, material choices, utility, creative expression, markings of the human hand, and so on. By reflecting upon the “how” and the “why” of the craftsmanship, we can glean a great deal about the objects, the makers, and ourselves.

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