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Traditions and Innovations. Contemporary craft has no shortage of definitions and is subject to movements, evolutions, and debates. Yet principally it is about people and the objects they make. Fuller Craft Museum is dedicated to the collection and preservation of contemporary craft, that ever-evolving body of objects—and their inspired makers—with roots in the 19th century followed by a great resurgence in the years following World War II. In the short time that the Museum has collected craft, an effort has been made to acquire the best examples of objects by artists who, by the very nature of their work, invigorate the conventions and the definitions of their media. As styles, techniques, and meanings in the field progress, what endures is the work of the hand and a connection between the maker and the object.

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Featured Objects

Fuller Craft Museum is proud to present our recent acquisition Blue Hill Boy by Massachusetts artist Leslie Sills. Sills is an accomplished ceramicist, ...

Outdoor Sculptures

As you drive up Oak Street to Fuller Craft Museum and as you enter the grounds, you encounter works of art unexpectedly around every corner, ...

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