Exhibition: May 18 – November 3, 2024

Chris Bathgate: The Machinist Sculptor

Exhibition dates: May 18 – November 3, 2024

Chris Bathgate: The Machinist Sculptor presents the complex sculptures and technical drawings of Baltimore artist Chris Bathgate. A self-trained machinist, Bathgate views precision machining as an art form, with a career spent exploring ways in which digital technologies and studio craft can coexist. To create his sculptures, Bathgate utilizes handmade tools, automated milling and drilling machines, and meticulous handwork. Through his process-oriented approach, Bathgate investigates the tension points between aesthetic and utility, form and function, and industrial and handmade, digital and analog.

The Machinist Sculptor features over 50 works by Bathgate, ranging from handheld forms and large-scale sculptures to technical drawings and touchable objects. Fuller Craft Museum is delighted to present Bathgate’s solo exhibition as a wonderful example of how computer-mediated fabrication may bridge the divide between art, craft, and industrial production in the Digital Age.

This exhibition is sponsored by, Brockton Cultural Council, Evans Machine Company, and Arthur Siteman.

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