Cary Wolinsky: Fiber of Life

Exhibition dates:

Cary Wolinsky, Funeral Cloth Seller, Accra, Ghana, 1992.

Cary Wolinsky: Fiber of Life presents a series of visually arresting images taken by Norwell artist, Cary Wolinsky. Wolinsky’s career as a photojournalist for National Geographic magazine has taken him all over the world and yielded numerous historical, scientific, and photographic essays. But it was a 1972 trip to India that sparked his 30+ year exploration of the culture of textiles. Wolinsky’s evocative images in his Fiber of Life series richly convey the impact of textile usage and production on eradicating societal boundaries and fostering human connection. His images, including saris drying in the Ganga Valley of Northern India, a half-shorn sheep near Melbourne, Australia, and a felt carpet maker in Xinjian, China, are executed with skill and a keen eye for beauty, while serving to chronicle the human experience as seen through the lens of textile traditions across the globe.

The reception for both Uncommon Exposures: Photography in Craft Based Media (Community Gallery) and Cary Wolinsky: Fiber of Life (Photographs by Cary Wolinsky in the Courtyard Gallery) will be on Sunday, November 6th from 2:00 – 5:00 pm. On the same date we will also celebrate two other new exhibitions: What Remains: Wooden Quilt Sculptures by Laura Petrovich-Cheney and Feature Creatures: On the Loose from the Permanent Collection.The Reception is included with admission fee. Lecture: $7 Members / $15 Nonmembers

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