Brother Thomas: Seeking the Sublime

Exhibition dates:

Brother Thomas: Seeking the Sublime will celebrate the life and legacy of Benedictine monk, Thomas Bezanson. This remarkable artist worked masterfully with porcelain and created an astounding range of glazes and forms. The exhibition will feature a range of his pottery, from tea bowls to large platters and elegant vases, alongside supporting materials that document his life and legacy in art.

Press release for Brother Thomas: Seeking the Sublime

In order of apperance:

Wheel form vase, blue, purple, and opalescent white glaze, Porcelain

Plate, saffron iron yellow glaze, Porcelain

Millennial egg vase, opalescent copper glaze, Porcelain

Rectangular vase, textured red and white glaze, Porcelain

Images courtesy of Pucker Gallery, Boston.