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Adornments & Delights: Five Jewelers Courting Nature

Jan 6, 2013

Adornments & Delights: Five Jewelers Courting Nature Press Release
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Linda Priest, First Water, Whistling Duckling, 2012. Top - Gold, sapphires, Bottom - Gold, sapphires, aquamarine crystal, silver. Photograph by Tony Pettinato.

Linda Kindler Priest, Giraffe Walk, 2010. 14k repousse gold with orange sapphires, diamond, and oxidized silver. Photo by Gordon Bernstein.

Susan Hamlet, Arch, 2006,18K gold Brooch. Photo credit: Nathan Gurvitch

Susan Hamlet, Bracelet, 1997. Collage sterling silver. Photo credit: Nathan Gurvitch

Claire Sanford, Leaf Series, Leaf Brooches #1-3. Oxidized sterling, cedar. Dean Powell Photography.

Mary Hughes & Caro-Gray Bosca, Amber Amore, 2012. Baltic amber, gold, oxidized sterling silver. Dean Powell Photography.

Claire Sanford, Omaka Series--lau kahi and lau lua, 2000. Patinated copper, cedar. Gift of Mary Cameron Sanford. Photo by Dean Powell.

Mary Hughes & Caro-Gray Bosca, Brave Heart, 2012. Amber, black diamonds, gold, oxidized gold, oxidized silver. Dean Powell Photography.