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Acquisitions from the John A. Goodman Estate

Dec 13, 2018

Press Release for the John A. Goodman Acquisition

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Fuller Craft Museum is excited to announce the generous donation of work to the Permanent Collection from the Estate of John A. Goodman. John A. Goodman was a craft collector based out of Baltimore, MD, who passed away in November 2017. Subsequently, the Estate approached Fuller Craft Museum in mid-2018 about becoming the permanent home for numerous marvels of ceramics, glass, fiber and other media that resulted from Goodman’s collecting passions.

Artists recently welcomed into the Permanent Collection include: Shelley Muzylowski Allen, Frederick Birkhill, Nancy Callan, Kathleen Elliot, Juanita Girardin, Jun Kaneko, Joey Kirkpatrick & Flora Mace, Garry Knox Bennett, Dominick Labino, Cliff Lee, Beth Lipman, Albert Paley, Mark Peiser, Zemer Peled, Peter Pincus, Adrian Saxe, Peter Shire, Preston Singletary, John Souter, Akio Takamori, Lawrence Wheeler, and Steven Young Lee.

Fuller Craft Museum is privileged to be a collecting institution, an identity that would not be possible without the continued support of collectors, artists, and generous donors alike.

Jun Kaneko, Untitled, 2015.
Glazed ceramics. 24 3/4″ H x 13 3/4″ W x 9″ D


Cliff Lee, Carved Lotus Vase with Leaf, 2014. Porcelain. 6″ H x 6 1/2″ D


Peter Pincus, A Sibling System, 2016. Colored porcelain, gold luster, PC‐11. 26″ H x 11″ D


Preston Singletary, Eagle Crest Hat, 2015. Blown and sand-carved glass. 9″ H x 17 1/2″ D